Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Website Thursday

In these economically challenging times often one of the first budget cut is charitable giving. Some days it's hard enough to pay your bills let alone give money away no matter how worthy the cause. There are however ways to donate that require no financial commitment or even require you to do little more than surf the net as you have always done.

Google one of the largest search engines currently in use and has formed EcoSearch a internet search engine with a cause. EcoSearch donates money for each search that is done from their homepage to non-profits that are dedicated to supporting and improving the environment. The list of the charities that they contribute to as well as their mission is here. They claim that if one million people search twice a day, $15 million dollars will go to green initiatives in a year.

Doing a quick search on EcoSearch verses Google's home search leads to identical results.

So why not switch over and save the environment one search at a time.

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