Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sleep is nothing but a dream

Sleep is something that I have never taken for granted. It's a luxury for me and so often I am lacking it that my body doesn't know how to react when I actually do get a full night. I have managed thus far in my life with caffeine and naps whenever possible but I think after 15 years of pseudo sleep my brain is revolting.

A little background information: I was a sleep walker when I was a small child and could often be found standing at the end of some one's bed staring blankly at them until they woke up. It often disturbed my Grandmother especially when she asked me about it the next morning and I swore she was making it up. My teen years were fairly normal for sleep until I hit 18 and found myself in a new bed in college. While the sleepwalking stopped the dreams began. Dreams so vivid that I thought some part of them must have been real. Most of them were fantastical like something out of a sci-fi movie. On top of the very vivid dreams I am an extremely light sleeper and often wake three or more times a night. Just to add to the excitement I married a man that has night terrors and often sleep walks himself. I know I must like the torture.

So when I had children I thought to my self, "Lack of sleep, waking up every two hours, piece of cake". It was too for the first couple of months but my beautiful daughter is now seven and a half months old and has never slept through the night. She is still waking up every four hours for a six ounce bottle. Now before you send me oodles of advice let me just say letting her cry it out is not an option that I am willing to do. If she was simply taking two ounces and fall back asleep I would tend to agree but she is not. She will drink down six ounces and slowly fall back asleep after the bottle is finished. She eats well throughout the day and it doesn't seem to matter if she eats a little or a lot before bed and we have a good routine before bedtime. She falls asleep fine but just doesn't seem to stay asleep. I've talked to other mom's and the doctor and all say she will grow out of the phase but until then my sleepless nights continue.

I wonder if Sleepless in Michigan would be as big of a hit as Sleepless in Seattle. I don't look a thing like Meg Ryan and my husband isn't Tom Hanks but I think we could make it work. So until my sleep is restless due to my own brain wanderings coffee is my best friend and under-eye concealer is more of a badge of honor than a simple cosmetic.

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