Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Beginning

I'm not sure when I woke up and decided that I wanted to stay at home with my kids because it seems like I've always felt this way. However, I know that's not the case.

When I was younger I spent all my energy on getting into college so that I could pursue my dream of being a nurse. A dream that started to consume me at the age of eight. I took the accelerated classes, volunteered at all of the local blood drives, and made sure that I was at the top of my class. I went to college with big dreams and hopes of becoming the best nurse I could possibly be, but dreams change. I fell in love with non-profits and became disillusioned with health care after four years working in the hospital and local nursing homes. I decided in my last semester of college that health care was not the road I wanted to go down despite my continued love of the field.

Fast forward ten years and two kids later and I work as a retail manager. While it pays the bills I'm miserable. I don't have a passion for what I do and don't see the value in my paycheck anymore.

I spend over 50 hours away from my family each week and feel guilty for every minute. My children know my best friend better than they know me because she sees them more. While I'm grateful for the fact that she takes care of them; it's not me. I thought I could be content working and being a mom but I was wrong. I agonize each day I'm gone and long to spend the days with them. To teach them how to be the best people that they can. I long for the normality of an era that has gone where my husband works and I can give my family the type of home that I think they deserve.

I respect those woman who do work and love it and I respect those woman that work because they have to provide for their families. I'm just choosing a different path and one that I never thought I would want let alone long for in my life.

This blog is going to be the journal for my journey into the life of a stay at home mom. I'm going to share with you my struggles, successes, things that make me think, things that make life easier or more interesting. I'll share with you movie reviews, product reviews, yummy recipes (I love to cook), and all the normal things that make mommyhood interesting. I have two adorable little cherubs that I will be sharing with you, Spencer who is three and Chloe that will be a year old at the end of February.

I am still currently working but the plan is to be at home after the first of the year. I will be posting at least once a week up till then.

I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you enjoy hearing my journeys.

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Roeger International said...

Good for you!! I will watch and learn as you will be about 100 days ahead of me!!